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 My Life is 

 Content, Music, Content

I've been working in the radio biz over the last decade at the ABC, Triple M, Mix 102.3 and FIVEaa to name a few. I've worked on air, as a producer, as a Content Director and behind the scenes assisting in programming, in promotions, creative departments, sales and of course editing.  My most notable was editing networked shows for one of the big networks as they arrived in Adelaide to make them more in line with what an Adelaide audience would find appealing and to fit in with the amount of time in an hour,

that popular radio station had available.  On the fly mostly, so would have 20 mins or less to turn around something that could have 3 minutes less in it, a change of acceptable language and still keep the continuity.  A great editing training ground absolutely. 


So... enter a global pandemic. It can make you think and now its time to do my own thing and help share with others what I know and what I can do for them.  Content is my thing and I would love to help with your thing.

Music and talk IS what I'm all about and in my own podcast, The MOVE ME Podcast, I'm bringing the stories behind the songs that make you move and the stories surrounding the song and the musician that will "move you". Re-purposing content is a great way to get value, more bang for your buck (we can talk more about that later) which is what I'm doing in my weekly podcast. Breathing a little life into some of the favourite interviews people have asked me about with the artists we all know and love, plus I'll bring you something new when I check in and see what they're up to now. A happy little mish mash of great stories, good times and groovy music.

I LOVE my Podcast.  Love it.  Want to marry it.  So let me help you do that for you too.  

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