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The way people consume their content around the world is changing.  More and more people are finding it easier to click onto a podcast and enjoy the show.  Around about 83% of Australians are with an average of 6 episodes per week.  Wouldn’t it be great to reach those people?


Coming from a Commercial Radio and ABC Radio background has given me every tool we need to get your dream podcast either happening or we can tweak and tighten up your existing one. Or are you fnding Producing &/or editing is just such a drag? Easy fix.  I'll take that raw audio of yours & turn it into lemonade! Do the thing you love, making great content, I’ll turn out an engaging, amazing finished product to love.  




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The MOVE ME Podcast

with Julie Reynolds

What better way for me to show you what I can do, than showing you my own Podcast! I use Whooshkaa as my platform and can also be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, IHeartRadio, YouTube & Stitcher. You could even follow me/subscribe for free then you’ll never miss an episode! 

Podcast value adds


From my radio career Ive voiced many commercials, audio for Podcasts and do work for a couple of messages on hold companies.  Let me be that extra voice you need for introductions, pre/mid/post rolls (they're ads in your Podcast) or whatever you might need.

ARTWORK is also an essential part of the whole package.  Lets work together and I can source branding for you and provide artwork for social media posts.


PODCASTING is for everyone.  People are enjoying multiple types of Podcasts, so they can be created by anyone with a good story and a way to say it.



Take out those ummms, ahhhs, big breaths, you know, kinda, sorta, errrrrs and if you took a left turn before taking a right turn to get to your question, I’ll take that out too. 


Said that bit already? It goes a bit long? That bit didn’t really go anywhere? No worries, leave it to me or let me know what you prefer in or out and I'll make it work.


Always keeping continuity in mind for a seamless conversation that just has to be heard, without distractions. 

Audio quality clean up.  Addition of pre roll ads, intro’s, outro’s & music openers and beds


Don’t know where to start, how to format your Podcast, where to get guests from, what topics you should cover in which episodes?  Structure? The right music to go with your Podcast, even how you brand yourself? You need a Voice Over Artist to introduce you? You need someone to write the intro’s and hooks and teasers?? I can help.


It all starts with a great idea.  Let AUDIOLemonade work with you to find that concept that works,


We need to schedule in recording, talent wrangling and story sourcing.  You’ll need show notes, a place to record whether in a studio or out and about, equipment, we’ll need to find you a host (somewhere for your Podcast to sit on the internet) and a way to get your Podcast to the masses. 


Let’s collaborate and we can get this party started.


I’m here to help and offer training and coaching so you can get your Podcast on the road.  Or do you just need some advice? Join up & find out when the next zoom basic podcasting workshop is happening. 




Get in touch and we can organise a 1 on 1 Zoom chat for 45minutes to get you started and in the right state of mind.  As many times as you need.  You might want to just expand on the skills you have at this moment.  Or perhaps have someone to bounce your ideas off and don’t need a full Producer for every episode.  I get it.  Let’s do it your way and make this happen!


On Air


"Saturday Breakfast"

Hosted by Julie Reynolds

Around Australia via the 
Community Radio Network


 What my clients

are saying... 

We engaged Julie Reynolds from Audio Lemonade to help create and produce a Podcast used for our National Farm Safety Week Campaign.


Julie's knowledge and experience was evident throughout every stage of the project. Her guidance from concept to completion greatly attributed to the overall success of the project.


We would highly recommend Julie to anyone looking to produce a highly professional, creative and engaging podcast or recording for their next project.


Comments made about the podcast:

“If you listen to one podcast this farm safety week, make it this”. VFF Grains

"This is a brilliant podcast, relevant not just for farmers’ mental health but everyone”. Lisa Stanbridge


Catherine Rice

Marketing Manager

Safe AG Systems

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